A passion for music and connecting with others.

Ever since I was a little girl, music was in my blood; it was the only thing that made sense to me. When I was really young, a lot of my earliest memories were of humming little tunes and composing my own lyrics (at that time it was songs about ice cream, unicorns, and princes). I used to even perform them for my family (but I was too shy and would make them sit in the living room while I hid in the hallway to sing them haha!) From there it became a lifelong passion to write and sing songs that told stories and connected with others. When I was writing music, I was able to process questions about life, thoughts I was having, and emotions I would wrestle through in a way that I otherwise couldn’t. I used to sit in class at school and write lyrics in my notebooks instead of class notes and then I would rush home and shut myself in my room for hours when I could finally work on composing them. I used to dream of having my own album someday with songs I wrote! I would perform for my stuffed animals in the basement and dream of a day that it was my songs I could sing to a group of people to connect with.

This is something that has continued for me throughout my life. When I wrestle through heavy things, or questions/doubt, anxiety – it’s always music that allows me to process these the most. I love how music connects people and reminds them they’re not alone. My mission is to take this lifelong passion and use it to write songs that would serve as a way for others to process their own questions and doubts to find hope amidst it all – potentially even be able to challenge others in their own lives as well. Somewhere inside of me is still that little dreaming girl who is so excited to chase after music and hope, looking for light in the darkness. I cannot wait to run hard after it with all of you along for the journey! Let’s chase hope together!!