The Bright Side – Live Acoustic Performance

About the song – I like to write songs about the things I’m learning and processing in life. When I wrote this song, I was definitely in a season of feeling discontentment and unrest (Let’s be real, this is something I’m probably always going to struggle with- Don’t we all??) But I’m being challenged right now to look at where I’m currently placed, and to not get ahead of myself or compare myself with where others are at. I’m learning that there is always a bright side to everything we face in life and sometimes we just have to choose to see it. I wanted the verses to highlight things we typically see as challenges or things we find ourselves complaining about and to contrast each of those thoughts with something good about it instead. I think a lot of life is learning to reshape your thinking about it – and that’s what I really wanted to hit at with this song. I hope and pray it challenges you too to see the bright side of things in your life and what you can learn from hardships/pain that you may face! I’m not trying to undermine the very real pain we may face and just say “Oh just look at the bright side!” It’s not that simple. But I do think we can work at how to reshape our thinking in what’s already around us that we may not always see – and this is a lifelong journey.

Video Produced by Cole Hammontree